C&R Project: Anheuser Busch 350 Seltzer Process

C&R Services:

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Project Type: Process Piping Plan & Spec

The seltzer building will become the first addition to the campus in over 15 years. The project is in addition to the $100M renovation of EverGrain’s new U.S. headquarters which is near the Soulard campus.  This investment is part of the brewer’s announcement made at the beginning of 2021 to invest $1 billion over two years in the company’s facilities to speed up the nation’s recovery.  It will be used for brewing some of Anheuser-Busch’s most popular products, including Bud Light Seltzer and Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer, among others. Additionally, the brewery will be outfitted with advanced technical equipment that allows for the streamlined addition of flavors to the seltzer liquid.

C&R Mechanical was responsible the furnishing and installation of process piping to transfer seltzer made on property from stock-house 14 & 16 to building 250. We designed and installed piping supports for the owner and fabricated modular pipe fabrication at our pipe fab facility that was then brought on site and assembled as part of the building’s infrastructure.  We installed process air piping for all control valves pertaining to this scope of work and assisted with passivation and cleaning of the piping.

Owner: Anheuser Busch
Mechanical Engineer: Anheuser Busch
General Contractor: C&R Mechanical
Architect: Zachary Engineering Corp
Total Mechanical Value: $2,400,000