C&R Project: Church of Latter Day Saints – Mormon Temple

C&R Services:

  • Building Type: Schools / Churches
  • Project Type: HVAC, Plan & Spec

C&R Mechanical worked alongside Heideman & Associates on this project. The scope of work included the attachment of an Energy building and the installation of chillers, boilers and air handling units. Additionally, a multi zone system was installed in the penthouse.

C&R Mechanical also funished and installed a complete HVAC system to provide humidification for the Temple in 2006. Forty-five Nortec steam humidifiers and duct access panels were installed and a piping system was designed that included soft cold water, low pressure steam and condensate drain piping. Sheet metal ductwork, fabricated in C&R’s specialty Fab Shop, was installed as well.

Mechanical Scope: $1,200,000

Engineer: C&R Mechanical Company, Heideman & Associates
General Contractor: BSI Constructors