C&R Project: Citi Mortgage

C&R Services:

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Project Type: HVAC, Design & Build

Upon its completion, CitiMortgage was renowned as St. Louis’ largest design-build project in 2003. Located just West of Highway 94 (along Highway 40) in O’Fallon, Missouri, this three-story, office building and process center is home to more than 5,000 CitiMortgage employees and was the very first development in O’Fallon’s new Progress Point business center. The creation of this structure provided CitiMortgage with a Regional Headquarters building in which associates in the St. Louis area could be consolidated into one, centralized location.

Together with General Contractor, Clayco, and Architect, Forum Studios, C&R Mechanical Company served as the Design/Build Mechanical Engineer of Record and Contractor during the nineteen month construction process (beginning in January 2002). Several new methodologies were utilized during the creation of this building, most notably the raised floor air distribution HVAC system that C&R developed for this project. This system provides for greater energy efficiency, employee control and a more flexible interior layout capability. At 515,000 square feet located on 168 acres, CitiMortgage is the largest building in the St. Louis area boasting a system of this nature.

Primary systems that were utilized for the project were VAV chilled-water rooftop units, under-floor VAV units with electric reheat and a chilled-water loop/computer-room.

Engineer: C&R Mechanical Company
General Contractor: Clayco
Architect: Forum Studio