C&R Project: Clayton on the Park

C&R Services:

  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Project Type: HVAC, Plan & Spec

C&R Mechanical Company was responsible for the engineering, coordination and installation of the mechanical systems involved with this 270,000 square foot, twenty-three story high-rise office building in Clayton, MO. Clayton on the Park is a towering example of Conrad Properties’ dedication to innovative developments and a new era in luxury living.

The mechanical systems consist of a water source heat pump distribution system serving vertical “stacked” water source heat pumps furred into the walls within the Condominiums and public area self-contained air handlers located in mechanical rooms. The central mechanical systems (pumps and boilers) are located in a roof top mechanical room, with cooling towers located on the roof.

The ventilation air for the Condominiums and the public areas is provided by a central, 100 % outdoor air, air handler which is located in the roof top mechanical room. The conditioned ventilation air is distributed throughout the entire building and also provides the conditioning of the residential elevator Lobbies.

Each Condominium is served by a central restroom and kitchen exhaust system. Each of the fans for these systems are located in the roof top mechanical room.

Engineer: C&R Mechanical Company
General Contractor: McCarthy
Architect: Saur & Associates