C&R Project: NGA-NDC West Data Center

C&R Services:

  • Building Type: Government, Data Center
  • Project Type: HVAC, Design & Build

C&R Mechanical (contracted by Flintco on this $6 million HVAC endeavor) played an extremely vital role in the design and construction of this recent Data Center for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. The new Data Center is located within the existing NGA facility in Arnold, Missouri.

Many features of the mechanical systems, installed as part of this design-assist effort, achieve a Tier 2 or higher rating per the ANSI/TIA-942-2005 standard. The mechanical support systems are located in a single mechanical room, where an N+1 configuration was employed for the chillers and the chilled/condenser water pumps. An N+1 cooling tower arrangement was installed in an adjacent mechanical yard. A raised floor system, pressurized by twenty-four (24) Computer Room AC Units, was installed to serve the Data Center floor. Initial equipment installation includes three (3) 500 ton chillers, three (3) 500 ton cooling towers, nine (9) water circulation pumps, and one (1) 50 ton VAV air handling unit. Space and provisions have been allotted for one (1) future 500 ton chiller, one (1) future 500 ton cooling tower, and three (3) future water circulation pumps. Partial dual-path chilled water distribution piping help ensure minimum cooling requirements are continuously met in the event of pipe failure below the Data Center raised floor.

  • A fifty (50) ton air handler, including eighteen (18) VAV units, with duct distribution and hot water reheat, to serve the Office Area
  • Three (3) 500 ton chillers, 9 base mounted pumps, an air separator, an expansion tank, a chemical treatment system, a cooling tower basin disc filtration system, a fifteen (15) ton air handler and duct distribution system in the Mechanical Room.
  • Three (3) cooling towers, and one (1) underground fuel oil storage tank for the emergency generator systems, in the Mechanical Yard

Mechanical Scope: $6,000,000

Engineer: C&R Mechanical Company
General Contractor: Flintco
Architect: Pellman Phillips