C&R Project: St. Luke’s Ambulatory & Outpatient Care

C&R Services:

  • Building Type: Healthcare
  • Project Type: HVAC, Design & Build

C&R Mechanical Company played a key design/build role in the development of this 140,000 square foot Medical Office/Ambulatory Care Facility, The mechanical systems consist of two (2) central 300 ton air cooled chillers and three (3) roof mounted air handlers. The air handlers are complete with final filters, and electric reheat to maintain the specialized conditions of the building. The roof mounted air handlers utilize roof mounted double wall duct work systems to provide sound attenuation and to minimize the building space required for the large duct work systems.

In addition to the central mechanical systems, there are specialized mechanical systems for multiple MRI Suites, CT Scan Suites and Data Rooms. Each of these areas are served by an independent mechanical system to account for the specialized requirements of each area. Also, a Data Center was installed as a back-up to the main hospital Data Center. This Data Center is served by a dedicated chiller with associated APC mechanical units to ensure proper operation of the Data Center.

The central duct work distribution system utilizes variable air volume terminals with electric reheat to ensure proper ventilation requirements are accounted for at all times. Each of the central air handlers also have outdoor air monitoring systems to verify ventilation requirements are being constantly met.

The decision to utilize a chilled water system in lieu of packaged DX units was based upon a thorough analysis of the benefits, energy efficiency and life cycle between the two (2) systems.

Mechanical Scope: $2,211,000

Engineer: C&R Mechanical Company
General Contractor: McCarthy
Architect: ACI Boland